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Besame mucho. ♥

Quiero sentirte muy cerca mirarme en tus ojos verte junto a mi.

21 July 1985
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"I dream that I am flying again, in the Electra. Beneath me are islands - not these flat desolate atolls but great mountainous, islands steaming green in the heat until a fine green haze hangs on the sky to make the tired voyager plaintive with desire. I cannot land, wherever I look, there is thick jungle, impenetrable, inhospitable. Nowhere for my three wheels to sit down, and I keep on flying. The islands never stop - on and on they head their way across the ocean, enticing, resplendent against the blue-black water, on and on I fly, in my carapace of hot metal. I am weak with longing for their greenery, their alluring coolness of shade. As long as I remain aloft, I am free from pain and memory. Nothing can harm me. Yet I want so badly to land, with such yearning, physical yearning, that the choice is cruel. And the islands never end, they shimmer like jewels against the throat of the earth. On I fly, condemmed."
Amelia Earhart - Hidden Latitudes by Alison Anderson

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